My daughter is spoiled.  I admit it whole heartedly.  Mercedes is blessed to have a VERY large extended family (both blood related, as well as, love related).  She has enough clothes to wear everything only once for three weeks straight.  She has more books than we could read everyday for a month.  Her toys take up every storage cube Target has to offer.  And would you believe that Jim and I have only contributed a few outfits and toys to that pile?!?!  I must admit, I’m a bit of a book-a-holic, but I come by that naturally and I figure there are worse things I could be hooked on, right?!?!  🙂

Aunt Terri & Jaclyn let Mercedes borrow this toy for a little while.  Aunt Terri still gets teary eyed thinking about Jac playin’ with it.  Mommy understands, she has a rubbermaid warehouse downstairs filled with crap that makes her teary eyed!  🙂 

Mercedes loves to push the buttons and listen to the sounds.  Don’t know if it’s all kids or just mine, but anything with a button on it… she’s glued to it for hours!!  🙂


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