GO Rams!!

Although, I’m not a fan of the Zoo… I do have a few “favorite” exhibits.  First is the Polar Bears (we didn’t see them… Mercedes was taking a nap, so we went home).  Then it’s the Zebras (Mercedes slept through them).  Third in line is…

I said, I’m proud to be a CSU RAM!

I am a Colorado Native.  We all are actually… The Wilson Three! 

Bird walk… Love you Aunt Terri!!  🙂

So, that’s kinda cool.  I’ve never thought about that before.  How many families, in today’s day and age, can say that they are from the same state????  Let alone ALL from Colorado????  SO fun!!

Back to the RAMS!  So, the Big Horned Sheep are one of my few favs.  It’s a pride thing.  As a Colorado Native the Big Horned Sheep are important.  As a native of Larimer County and Rocky Mountain National Park… big horned sheep are a way of life!! 

Mercedes didn’t make as big of a connection with the Rams because, frankly, I’m not really sure what a Big Horned Sheep says!  🙂  She enjoyed looking at them with Daddy, anyway.

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