Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

Next up… The Bears!

I grew up camping.  Not tent camping mind you, but PopUp & RV camping.  Sometimes while out in the wilderness of a camp ground (I know, Jen, camp grounds aren’t wilderness)… anyway, sometimes while out in the wilderness I would imagine that scene from Parent Trap, when the twins put honey on “StepMom’s” toes and she wakes up with a bear in her tent.  FREAKY!! 

Anyway, we mangaged to get to the bears just as one of them was moving to sun bath on a rock.  The other bear was waiting for the pool to be filled and wandered around a bit.  It’s the most movement I’ve ever seen from the bears.  This was good because then I knew that Mercedes actually saw the bear.

The bears were cool, but once again Mercedes was more interested in watching the little people.  There was a boy climbing in and out of his stroller next to us… can’t you see the words in her head “Seriously, dude make a choice… in or out.”


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