Great Zoo DAY!!

I know… It’s taken a week to post all the pictures from our zoo trip, but we had a GREAT day!  I had to share it all!!  🙂

We sat by the train and the pond for lunch.  Mercedes waved to the train everytime it went around the track.  It was the greatest little picnic spot.  Mom and Dad sat on the bench, Baby Girl in her stroller.  I think it will be OUR picnic spot from now on.  Quiet and out of the way. 

Mercedes loved to walk around the zoo.  I’m so glad we didn’t take her before she could walk.  It was so fun to see her exploring for the first time. 

She was really good!  Not that I’m surprised, God blessed us with a really great kid!  There were a few moments when Mommy’s heart did a little leap.  Most of those moments happened with the geese that were running wild.  She was so interested in the geese.  But she was a good listener when we told her to stop and not go any closer. 


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