Elton John

Mommy LOVES to shop!  It’s genetic, honestly and truly, genetic!  anyway, I was at Target last weekend buying stuff for Easter Dinner and stopped by the dollar isle.  As a shop-a-holic, married to an accountant, I have to look for deals in order to keep my happy home.  Or is the saying, keep my home happy.  Either way, it’s the truth.  In the dollar isle I spotted a pair of sunglasses.  Now, having worked with children most of my life, I know that little ones don’t always like sunglasses, hats, etc.  But they were a DOLLAR… so I said what the heck!

Turns out my Baby Girl enjoys wearing “eyes”.  🙂  I put them on her and she didn’t take them off until they started to slip off her nose.  Jim looked at her with her glasses on and said… she looked like Elton John.  I thought that was the PERFECT photo op, so we moved into the front room and sat down at the piano.  Baby Girl has NO IDEA who Elton John is, but she did a wonderful job imitating him.   


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