Moore Visits

Among the many people we visited on our short trip to NEbraska was my Aunt and Uncle and their kids!!!  I LOVE THEM!!  We had breakfast with Aunt Melanie.  Bacon, biscuts (pull apart), and frieds eggs (in bacon grease).  YUMMY!!  It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning… relaxing with friends.

Mommy got some baby time in… Taitlyn is the cutest little thing.  I got the baby itch again…

THANKS Alyssa for sharing your darling daughter with me for the morning.

We stopped by the store for a visit with Uncle Larry and Matthew.  Uncle Larry… Thanks for the hugs and kisses… I MISS YOUR HUGS more than you know!!!

James gave us a show on the guitars… notice the guitar he’s playing…

Hannah Montana is the BEST!!

Mercedes played the guitars, but liked the drums the best!  🙂 

She will spend LOTS of time in the basement should she decide to take up the drums.  Of course, I’m half deaf (it’s genetic), so she’d only have to practice in the basement when her dad is home.  Then again he can hear a pin drop in the middle of a rock concert, so the basement isn’t far enough away.  Hmmmmmmmm

Anyways… Izzy Bee should Mercedes how to rock like Gene Simmons. 

Okay, so not quite, but it was close.

We had so much fun, we slept all the way to Hastings!  🙂 

Thanks for a fun Saturday morning, Moores!!!  We can’t wait to see this summer.


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