Death by snot…

so we came home from Nebraska and Mercedes caught somethin’. Fever… snot… cough… ear infection. Jim caught it from Mercedes… fever… snot… cough. Then it was Mommy’s turn… fever… snot… ear infection. So, um, yeah, that’s what we’ve been dealing with. To top it all off… it’s Mommy’s last week of school. Don’t you wish you were at our house?!?!?! Believe me, NO ONE wants to live here right now!! Not only is it Mommy’s last week of school… it’s the last week of school until God puts her back in the classroom. AND I’M NOT TAKING IT WELL!!!! I’m a wreck… an emotional wreck… so when you open up the blog and you don’t see any updates… remember to PRAY for mommy!! I’ll see you on the flip side of this week.

We have lots to catch up on….
Ben’s Graduation weekend is NOT finished… more pictures to come… and then there are the trampoline pictures (And video I think)… and there’s the shoes (yes, Auntie Erin we have a shoe addiction already)… If mommy gets really brave she might even share the poop pictures.

Until next week!!! Hugs from our house!


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