This happened weeks ago….  I debated about whether to share it or not, but Aunt Terri wanted to see, so blame her!  🙂

Mercedes said poop & Jim asked if she needed to go so we went to her toilet (we practiced last night) & maybe two minutes later we have what you see in the picture…no shit (pun intended)!  On her 18 month birthday she pooped in the toilet!!!  I told Daddy to take a picture so & now I’ve shared with you!

Yes, that is Mercedes’ poop you see in the potty.  She has yet to do this again, but does enjoy pretending to go potty.  Sometimes she sits with her clothes on, sometimes she sits with them off.  It all just depends on her mood. 

I’ve heard this is a good sign for potty training, but we’re still a loooooooooong ways away from being done in diapers.  Mommy’s okay with that, really, no diapers means accidents… not sure I’m ready for that!


One thought on “Poop!!

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…you are SOOO fun!
    Next, you save that picture for middle school and tell her you are going to put it in the year book. Oh the FUN we had with THAT one. Thank you for NOT being so PC that you could post Mercedes most beautiful accomplishment to date!

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