New Toys

Teaching at Flagstaff has been filled with life changing blessings.  One of those blessings is the tight family community.  I didn’t just teach children in the district.  I taught friends’ children, I taught my own friends.  While our building didn’t end up in the small neighborhood setting it was planned for, the school did bond into a small neighborhood community we’d hoped for. 

Before leaving Longmont, I was again blessed by a family dear to my heart.  I had the honor of teaching their oldest daughter and the privledge of getting to know the younger two kids.  The middle child, a girl, was in my best friend’s classroom this past year.  The youngest of the three finally got his shot at coming to school with his sisters, as he just finished kindergarten.  🙂  It’s been so much fun watching them grow up.  (It’s not so much fun watching your own kid grow up however… but that’s a story for another time). 

Sometime this past Spring, while mom was volunteering at the school, she mentioned that they were ready to give up some of their toys.  She asked if Mercedes would like to have them toys.  I said sure and we agreed to arrange a pick up date.  Well, you all know me… I’m horrible at scheduling things, and meeting up with people.  It is my downfall.  So it was the last week of school and we worked out a plan.  It took two loads in the CRV to get the toys home… THANK YOU!!  What a huge blessing it is to have friends like family.

Mercedes LOVES her new toys…  check them out….

The doll house now sits in our living room in front of the fireplace (Daddy won’t let us turn it on anyway).  She spends hours putting the furniture on the different floors and inside the little house (as well as all around our house).  There are enough people for almost our whole family… Mommy, Daddy, Mercedes, Cousin Isaac, and two Grandma’s.  🙂  She has a baby doll that she likes to put to “nigh-nigh” on all floors of both houses.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

More posts about new our new toys this week… stay tuned!!  🙂 


One thought on “New Toys

  1. WOW! I want to come over and play!
    I will fit in the bottom floor.

    And when Daddy isn’t looking, I will turn on the fireplace…..

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