New Toys 3

This is the second load that came home the last week of school.  The kitchen is the cutest thing ever!  I have such fond memories of the kitchen I had growing up, I was so excited when our Flagstaff Family friends willed it to us.  While she has spent lots of time opening and shutting the doors and “wash”ing her hands, she doesn’t quite know what else to do with it yet.  I’m sure that will come with time.  Maybe Mommy will have to sit down and show her how to play kitchen.  🙂  Wouldn’t that be a hoot. 

The final part of load two is the house you see on the right of this picture.  SO MUCH FUN!!  The house fits perfectly on the back porch (so we don’t hurt the new grass, per Daddy) right near the back door (so Mercedes can play and still “see” mommy.  🙂  She loves her house.  Her first full sentence was “Come in Miss Lisa, Miss Sam”.  She invites EVERYONE into her house.  (Miss Lisa and Miss Sam are her teachers at school).  Isaac came to visit for Aunt carol’s birthday party and loved the house too.  It was so much fun to hear the two of them giggling while we were in the house getting things ready for dinner. 

Did I mention we have a bag full of Barbies and dress up clothes, too?????  Oh yeah… mom hasn’t gotten those out yet.  We’ll save those for when she needs something new.  🙂

To my Flagstaff Family Friends… Thank you!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your toys with us.  Mercedes will take good care of them and we promise to share with another lucky child once we grow out of them.  It was an honor to teach your girls… who knows, maybe I’ll get to teach that little boy at some point!  THANK YOU!!!  All my love,  Mrs. Wilson 🙂


One thought on “New Toys 3

  1. Keep that stuff coming! You binge while I purge and I will will the clean house contest….cutest kitchen though, how fortunate for you from the Greenspans!

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