Summer Photography Log

As many of you know, photography is a hobby of mine.  You can see some of my pictures at my new photography website (  I am also an avid reader… like avid as in my nose stuck in a book as I walk IN AND OUT of the library.  Avid as in, my mom used to take my book away to punish me… AND IT WORKED!  🙂  Avid as in my “next stack” pile by my bed reaches from the floor to my hips.  I get the monthly newsletter for a local bookstore in town.  So this post is courtesy of Reader’s Cove, a local bookstore in Fort Collins, CO.  I will continue to post their suggestions as the summer goes by… AND the results of my Summer Photo Log.


Keep a picture log:  Reading happens everywhere, not just in a book.  We want you do show us how you are involved with reading by taking photos of you and words.  Each week we will give you a set of photo challenges.  Snap a photo of each for your portfolio and bring them in at the end of summer as well for great prizes.  We know that many folks out there have digital cameras or cameras on their phones, so a digital file with your pictures are great, but not necessary.  If you are like many of us here at the Cove, we like the old photo ways and still use film in a camera.  Just have fun and be creative in what you take photos of.

Week One photo challenges: 
#1  Take a picture of you and what you are reading this week
#2  Take a picture of you helping your family with a recipe
#3  Take a picture of your favorite place to read

Week Two photo challenges:
#1  Take a picture of something that gives you directions
#2  Take a picture of you at your favorite branch of the library
#3  Take a picture of  something mentioned (can be only mentioned once like a comb or a pen) in the book you are reading this week but take it really close up. Don’t forget to write down what it is so at the end of the summer you won’t forget what it is.


SO FUN!!!  Enjoy!! Feel free to e-mail me your pictures and we’ll post them here.


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