Happy Lucky Number Seven

My favorite number is 7.  I’m not sure how I came up with my favorite… probably because it was John Elway’s number.  Who knows. 

Seven years ago today, I married the most wonderful man in the world.  God put us together in the most random way possible. 

I love you, James!  More than you’ll ever know.  More than words can say.  More than I ever thought possible.  And that loves grows everyday… yes, even last Wednesday.  🙂  I love you!!!

Today, saying I love you, just doesn’t seem like enough.  So here are the reasons why

I love you

♥ because you make me smile… even when I don’t want too.♥ because you’re a saver… and you let me be the spender ♥ because you love going to Disneyland as much as I do. ♥ because you let me be lazy on Saturdays. ♥ because you wouldn’t let me stay home for college. ♥ because you clean the bathrooms. ♥ because you hear Baby Girl in the middle of the night. ♥ because you like to cook. ♥ because you love my mother. ♥ because you’re honest. ♥ because you like to snuggle. ♥ because you let me sleep in. ♥ because you’re a great Daddy. ♥ because you love me even when I’m cranky. ♥ because you don’t make piles. ♥ because you’re loyal. ♥ because you’re a CSU RAM. ♥ because you continue to grow in your faith. ♥ because you have a super sniffer. ♥ because you have amazing self discipline. ♥ because you like the X-Men, too. ♥ because you don’t nag me. ♥ because you like routines. ♥ because you have serious painting skills. ♥ because you are a hard worker. ♥ because you try everyday to trust God a little bit more. ♥ because you like to travel. ♥ because you make funny faces. ♥ because you’re Mr. Clean. ♥ because you don’t “sit-down” until the work is done. ♥ because you’re my Prince Charming. ♥ because you’re Mercedes father. ♥

Happy Seven Years my Prince!


2 thoughts on “Happy Lucky Number Seven

  1. What a beautiful thing to put on your blog! I am so happy that my son found you – or should I say that you found him! 🙂 I love you both and always pray for your marriage and that it stays strong. Happy Anniversery!!! Love you Three! Mom/Joyce/Grandma

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