Stay-at-Home Fun

This summer I have been working at Mercedes’ school.  As a teacher, I have NEVER appreciated my summers “off” more than this one.  More on that later… don’t want to bog you all down with a rant and rave about teachers needing their summers.

Wednesdays I was supposed to teach a sign language class in the mornings.  No one signed up for the class… again… more on that later, too.  So Wednesday mornings I got scheduled to come in later in the morning.  Mercedes and I have enjoyed our time at home for those few hours.  Now that my time “working” is almost over, I’m afriad I took advantage of those Wednesday morning hours.  Last week, I took some time for the “Frozen Feathers” of our morning.

Mercedes is a girly girl… you might have read the post about her many shoes.  Last week she decided to try on Mommy’s flip flops.  🙂  She spent about 45 minutes trying to put them on… walking around with them… and exploring our house while I did some work for another job I picked up for the summer.  🙂

Oh yeah… she tried on her own shoes too… 🙂

I can’t wait for August!!!  🙂


One thought on “Stay-at-Home Fun

  1. My goodness, I will get the girl her OWN pair of flip flops. Madder o’ fact, Jac and I will make them. Jest you wait and see.

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