I’m going spend a little time playin’ catch up. Yes, we’re back safe and sound from Germany… I know you all missed me… or at least the blog. 🙂 So on with it…

Mercedes LOVES to color. She loves to swing. She loves to jump on the trampoline. She loves life.

Saturday before we left for our trip across the pond, we played! We had such a great day!! I was working in the front room… I can’t remember what I was doing, but all the sudden Mercedes had the drawers to the desk open. These are BIG, HEAVY, OLD, WOODEN drawers. In the bottom was a box of markers. She immediately wanted to color. I had recently read a blog post from Jill Savage about being a “yes mom“. So I said YES! 🙂

It was great… until I walked away… 🙂

Daddy had a stroke… I taught her how to say “taDa”!!!!!

After Daddy had recovered from the marker incident… we dug around in the garage until we found the pool.  I know… perfect timing… middle of summer right before we leave for a two week vacation and leave Mercedes at Grandma’s without a pool.  What can I say, we’re still new at this parenting thing.  🙂

Anyway, I decided it would be a GREAT way to wash the markers off Baby girl’s belly.  POOL TIME!!  She agreed and jumped in with both feet (quite literally).  🙂  We had about 45 minutes of outside time together.  This is BIG since, Jim and I are NOT outside people.  This is why we’re okay with the postage stamp yard we have… if we want to do anything outside it’s rare, so we might as well let someone else take care of it.  🙂

anyway… back to the marker washing…

It worked PERFECTLY!!


One thought on “Markers

  1. Wahooo! My favorite YES mom!!
    LOVE this the very best!
    THAT, is the picture you give her boyfriend, the yearbook, the wedding pix etc…

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