Aunt Carol’s House

This weekend was a busy one.  Not only have I torn apart my house to try to accomplish all my summer projects in a matter of 7 days, but my little sister is a new homeowner.  Carol is my independent, head strong, fun loving sister… oh wait, I just described Mary too.  Hmmmmmm.  Anyway, Carol has bought a house.  It’s the cutest house… I’m completely jealous… and wish I could step into her shoes for just a week… single, no children, a 3 bedroom house to decorate my way!  Sounds like heaven, huh??!?!?  🙂

So this weekend we also helped her move into her house.  My job was to be mom’s shadow and help her clean every corner, surface area, and sticky mess that was left by the old owners.  Believe me… it was a tough job.  So tough, I only last half a day before I had to forfeit my post.

Little Miss Independent hired her own movers, so help was by no means in short supply!!

Congrats Aunt Carol!!  🙂

The weekend was spent slaving for Aunt Carol.  The little ones stay out of the way… for the most part.  GOD BLESS H2O!!  I put some buckets of water on the back porch… Carol might die when she gets her first water bill, but it kept the kids happy and out of the way for a good hour and a half!!

(Yes, I know my daughter’s pants are falling down… she has no butt to hold them up with!)



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