Giraffe Bike

This summer I read a book by Jill Savage called Living with Less so your Family has More.  GREAT book!  One of the things I’ve learned is that new isn’t always better.  Stuff isn’t always needed to have a good time (Indoor Soccer is a GREAT example).  One of my favorite things is finding a DEAL!  My latest deal came from Once Upon a Child.

I went specifically to find a few new toys for Mercedes.  Not that she doesn’t have enough… she just doesn’t have any that are for her age level.  You know… blocks… puzzles… etc.  I was walking in the store when I spotted THIS outside.  It was marked $18.00!!!  TOTAL DEAL of the month!!

It has buttons to push… songs it sings… I wish they made it in my size.  I might exercise if I could change the animal by pedaling fast.  🙂  She loves it!!  She can’t quite reach the pedals to make them go fast, but she’s got the idea.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Giraffe Bike

  1. What do you mean you wish they made them in your size… you and the precious one could share the toy, I am POSITIVE neither of you would exceed the weight limit – admit it – you just don’t want to exercise! LOVE YOU!

    • HaHA! I DO exceed the weight limit… not by much, but still. And I actually have tried it… so yes, we could share! 🙂

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