San Jose Game

Timing is everything!!!

A few weeks ago, Jim was on the phone with our customer service rep for the Colorado Rapids working on some billing issues.  She asked if we were going to that weekends’ game and if we would want tickets in the GM’s box.  HE SAID YES!!  Of course!!  🙂

So for the game against San Jose on August 7th, we got to sit in the box at half field (or whatever they call it in soccer).  🙂  I’m not sure who was more excited… Jim or Mercedes.  Jim is like a kid in a candy store EVERY game, so it was probably Mercedes who was the most fun to watch.  She was so confused when we got to the stadium and went up an elevator.  That was NOT right.  You could see her little wheels turning as we’re stepped inside and then when we stepped outside.  She wasn’t too sure about it all.  Then we got into the room and she started jumpin’ up and down and giggling.  She knew it was special.

The box was catered, so we filled her a plate and sat her at the bar facing the field.  Oh, my!  She loved that.  Seeing the players warm up.

There was a lightening delay when we first got there.  Everyone had to move out of the stadium and take cover.  We just walked into the suite.  I was actually hoping it would rain this time, so we could stay dry and watch the game.  🙂  No such luck… it blew over.

Daddy was in HOG HEAVEN!!  He doesn’t get like this often.  🙂

This is where we normally sit….not bad either… but there’s no fruit plate or cheese plate or Sunshine Wheat and Fat Tire or free popcorn and cracker jacks.

It was fun while it lasted!!  GREAT memories!!  Thanks Abbey!!


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