New West Fest

New West Fest is a tradition in Fort Collins.  It’s a street fair with food, booths, rides, and music.  Mercedes is aware enough now, that she loved it.  We didn’t stay long, as it was WAY TOO HOT!  But we stayed long enough.  🙂

We walked through all the booths and then headed to the kids park at the library.  They have a petting zoo and pony rides.  Mercedes watched the ponies and then decided it was her turn!  🙂

Thanks Auntie Kenzie for introducing us to horses…
it was much easier this time around!  🙂

She fussed a little bit and then clung to my shirt for dear life, but after she was balanced she LOVED IT!!

Then she got to the point where I didn’t have to hold her hand at all!!  SOOOOO CUTE!!


2 thoughts on “New West Fest

  1. I have a new picture for my desktop! The one with her mouth wide open and Mommy! I love changing my background! Plus she looks tooooo BIG with those piggy tails!

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