PR for Mommy

Mommy works for Poudre School District’s Early Childhood Program.  As with most new jobs, you get a lot of schwag!  🙂  Mommy loves that!!  Since it’s an Early Childhood program, they even had schwag for Mercedes.  Mommy put her in it for the New West Fest.  Mercedes loves the shirt because it has a train on it.  🙂

The scary thing is she’ll be going to preschool soon.  😦  I know it’s inevitable, but I’m not sure I can handle that!!  I’m excited to see her grow up, but I just want to freeze time some days.   It’s all going by so fast.  She’s talking with real words… running around playing soccer with her dad.  It’s so fun… but it was just a little under a two years ago that she couldn’t even hold her own bottle.  CRAZY!!!


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