Daddy’s Alone Time

Mandy and Mercedes joined Gran’ma, Gran’pa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Drew, Cousin Isaac, and Aunt Carol for a quick overnight trip up the Poudre to stay in a cabin.  Why didn’t I go?  For those of you who know me should know that my idea of camping is staying at a “budget hotel” and not a Hilton.  Yes, I’m a hotel snob and it’s all because of my previous job.  But I digress….  In reality, daddy needed quiet time.  I miss my family and look forward to them being home in a couple of hours, but I’ve really enjoyed the alone time. 

Friday night consisted of two movies and going to bed late, yet I was still up by seven Saturday morning.  I put together two shelves while watching another movie that morning, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, going to see Inception (excellent movie I HIGHLY recommend everyone seeing), finally picking up my comics, folding laundry, ironing my clothes for the week, having dinner, emptying the dishwasher, and watching another movie.  Now I realize that doesn’t sound too relaxing considering I was also completing “chores” but I’ve had time to recharge, which is what I needed.  Thank you Amanda and Mercedes for allowing daddy some quiet time.  I love you both very much and can’t wait to see you!


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Alone Time

  1. So glad you enjoyed your “quiet” time., even though your were busy. But I know that can be “relaxing” knowing you got things done. So glad you have a wonderful, understanding wife! I know your girls missed you! Love,Mom

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