Ca Ca Ca Camping

Last weekend Mercedes and Mommy went camping with Cousin Isaac and Gran’pa (Aunt Mary, Uncle Drew, and Gran’ma were there too)!  It was a GREAT time, but it was ch ch ch ch chilly!  Mommy hasn’t been camping in a while, so she forgot how cold it can get in the mountains.  Oh well… that’s how you make memories right!?!?

Anyway, we went up to my Great-Uncle’s cabin along the river.  It’s a quiet place.  It’s a beautiful place.  It’s God’s Place!! Growing up we went camping up there in our Pop-up Trailer.  Some of my favorite camping memories are up there.  Sleeping in and waking up to mom’s grease cooking scones for breakfast.  Snuggling up in my sweats and laying on a mattress reading my latest “favorite” book.  Watching the fire dance as we roasted marshmallows. Waking up early to go fishing with my dad (although, that was more my sisters’ favorite time… I don’t do mornings well).  🙂

We did many of those favorite things while we camped. Mercedes and Isaac spent LOTS of time fishing with Gran’pa.  They never caught anything, but they had a GREAT time!!

Mommy had fun watching the fishermen.  🙂

The cabin is built on lots of property.  There are horses that board in the field close to the road.  Mercedes, Isaac and Uncle Drew loved watching the horses.

We spent lots of time explorin’.

One of the downsides for having a mother who likes to take pictures is you become the subject of her photos… even when you’d rather be fishin’ with Gran’pa and Isaac.  🙂

I know… MEAN MOM AWARD WINNER!!  🙂 Eventually she smiled… kinda…

It was a weekend full of GREAT camping memories.


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