Special Treat

Mommy lost her marbles last week and decided it would be fun to go get some ice cream.  That’s not the reason she lost her marbles, though.  Mommy lost her marbles because she though it would be okay if we ate our ice cream while we ran some errands.  Mind you, it was 2pm and a late summer afternoon in Colorado… so the temperature had already reached the HIGH.  Let’s just say it was an adventure.  🙂

Mercedes got vanilla ice cream with “surprises” mixed inside.  This summer while staying with Aunt Mary, she learned about “surprises”… aka M&Ms.  🙂  Mommy got her usual… mint chocolate chip.  🙂

She loved every minute of it!!  That’s truly all that matters… right?!?!

Thank you Aunt Melanie for the blanket… we keep it in the car and use it when we take the stroller.  It was a LIFESAVER last week.  🙂


One thought on “Special Treat

  1. Ohhhh ice cream in the car, yes we did that too… and now my car will never be the same 🙂 but it was such a precious memory – I am so glad you lost your marbles and gave your kid ice cream in the car! LOVE YOU!

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