Playin’ with Daddy

Last spring, we were blessed to inherit some Little Tikes toys from a family at my old school.  One of those toys was a kitchen.  It came with lots of plates, cups, and odds and ends.  Mercedes LOVES her kitchen.  She love to wash her hands in the sink.  She opens and closes the microwave more than I can count.  She carries the cups, plates, and pizza around like she’s never feed.  It’s so much fun to watch her play with it.

She become obsessed with this one particular spoon.  So obsessed that the paint has worn off (I hope it wasn’t made in China) and it’s been bent so much it has become a safety hazard.  So being the impulsive shopper that I am, I bought her some new toys to play with in her kitchen.  We happened to be at Target last Wednesday morning and I saw a whole bucket of food… 80 pieces in fact.  And a tea set, complete with six spoons.  🙂

Now I have to brag about my little girl…. She saw them in the cart and didn’t say a word.  She saw me put them in the back of the car and didn’t say a word.  She saw them over the backseat and all she said was mine.  It wasn’t until this weekend that I finally got them out of the package, washed, dried and ready to play with.  She never once asked about them or whined.  Granted she is only 22 months old, but this girl has the memory of a…. can’t think of a good anaology… but let’s just say her memory is ROCK SOLID.

Anyways, we gave her the food to play with Friday night.  SHE LOVES IT!!  🙂  So if you’re craving plastic corn on the cob, or french fries, or chicken, Mercedes is a great cook and is happy to share.  🙂

She shares with all of us.


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