Evening trip to the park

Blessed!  That’s what I am… BLESSED!! I don’t know if you know this or not, but I have the cutest daughter in all the world.  🙂  She is learning more words than I can count everyday.  She can count to 19 (not that she knows what she’s doing, but it’s still the cutest thing ever!).  She moves her arms when she runs, like that helps her go faster.  🙂  She laughs from the pit of her tummy.  And when she smiles you can see straight to her soul!  She’s the happiest little pumpkin I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t have asked for a more precious package.

This week after dinner, we took a trip to the park near our house.  It’s a short walk and just has one play structure, but what more could you want?!?!  Mommy took her camera… of course!  🙂

Mercedes loves the slide… once she figures out it not so scary.

I wish I knew what she was thinking…

Makin’ faces at Daddy

SO strong, Miss Lisa!!

Smiles all around!!

On the way back we raced…

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