The Park

I LOVE our neighborhood.  Our house was dropped from above… seriously!  I knew from the moment our realtor sent me the information.  No picture, just a description.  Wanna know what got me??!?!  Two words…… Double Oven!  🙂

Anyway, back to my love of our neighborhood.  Our neighbors are AWESOME.  Friendly, family focused, soccer playing, praise band playing, kind of folk.  (Don’t worry, I’m not just saying this, as none of them read our blog… that I know of anyway).  We also live within a mile of an elementary school.  Should that be the school Mercedes attends, we can walk there.  It’s also a GREAT place to practice for basketball or just play on the playground.  Speaking of playgrounds there are two with in a block of our house.  Actually one is further than that, but not by much.

Last week, Mercedes and I took a walk to park to play for a bit.  She LOVES playing on the playground.  I credit that to her school, as we haven’t taken many walks to our playgrounds until recently.

Here are a few shots I got while she played on the playground.  🙂


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