Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!

Two years ago this weekend, our life changed FOREVER!!  We’re so blessed.  Everyday I thank God for the little bundle of smiles… the twister of drama… the sparkle of light that wakes me up every morning!!  🙂

How do you celebrate your daughter?!?!  This year we celebrated quietly with a small cake and ice cream party, a family picture session or two, a extra fun bath time, and a cupcake before bed time.

Saturday morning Mommy and Baby Girl baked a special cake.  It was a Strawberry Flavored cake.  It was so much fun.  She had a great time helping Mommy make her birthday cake.

She got to do more than just watch… she helped pour ingredients…

She helped stir…

She helped use the mixer…

And she helped pour it into the special Butterfly mold…

The Butterfly cake didn’t come out of the mold… Mommy didn’t grease and flour it.  Oops!!  It was a fun memory!  And fun to watch her help bake.  Mommy baked a new cake while Baby Girl got her beauty sleep.  🙂

More to come this week… stay tuned!!




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