Ronald McDonald

So about a month ago, on the way home we happened to pull into the drive thru at one of our 7 McDonald’s restaurants in town.  There was a sign in the drive thru that said Ronald McDonald’s Magic Show is inside.  I said to the drive thru person “Is Ronald McDonald really here?”  He responded annoyingly… “Yes, inside.”  I said never mind… and exited the drive thru to park our car.  Indeed Ronald McDonald was inside doing a magic show.

Mercedes and I ordered our cheeseburgers (doubles for both of us) and then found a seat just far enough away to be in the “safe toddler zone.”  She watched Ronald so intently.  You could see the wheels turning in her head, trying to figure out if he was really real.

When the show was over, we got to go up and meet Ronald and get his autograph.  SO FUN!!


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