A few weeks ago we were able to attend Sesame Street Live at the Bud Barn (aka the Larimer County Fairgrounds).  It’s a great venue, small, easy to get too, plenty of parking.  It’s great!!

Anyway, back to Sesame Street!

The show was Elmo’s green thumb… or something like that.  It was all about planting a flower.  Who know you could tell a story for 90 minutes about planting a flower.  The craziest thing was that Mercedes was entranced the entire time!!  She loved seeing Elmo and his friends dancing.

She doesn’t really watch much Sesame Street, yet she knew all their names.

Elmo, Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Burt, Zoe

Mommy helped with Oscar, Abby, and Tellie

At one point she leaned over and said “Where Ernie?” Jim and I looked at each other.  Ernie was the only one missing at that moment.  We had no idea he’d even stepped off stage.  What an observant little girl.

A scientist in the making?!?!  Wouldn’t Gran’pa George be proud!!

There was a short intermission during the show.  More for the actors than the kids I’m sure.  Oh yeah, and for the souvenirs and snacks.  Then it was back to the show.  We counted, sang, danced, and learned a little bit about planting.

Needless to say it was a HIT!!  🙂  I honestly don’t know how enjoyed it more… Mercedes, Mommy or Daddy.

Jim and I both remember going to a SS Live show as a kid.  It was great fun to be able to take our little girl!!  🙂


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