The annual tradition of visiting Santa was semi-successful this year.
Isaac wasn’t able to come with us… we’re hoping to go again this week for the Cousin version.
Mommy and Daddy talked up Santa all week.  One of Mommy’s co-workers gave her that idea.
So we talked about visiting Santa and taking our picture with Santa.

Every time we talked about, this was the conversation…

Mommy: We’re going to go visit Santa this weekend.
Mercedes: Yeah!  No Santa lap!
Mommy: You don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap?
Mercedes: No Santa lap!
Mommy: Okay, but will you smile with Santa so Mommy can have a picture.
Mercedes: CHEESE Santa!

Saturday afternoon, after spending all day in our PJs, Mercedes picked out her own clothes to see Santa.  Her Santa dress of course.  🙂  She was so excited waiting for Santa to come back from dinner.  Then she chickened out when it was our turn.  See the death grip on Mommy in the picture above.  🙂

While talking about Santa, we talked about what we wanted for Christmas.
Mercedes thought more blocks and book would be fun.
She told Santa what she wanted.  “More bocks!”
Then we shared what Mommy wants for Christmas and smiled for our picture.  🙂

Gran’ma took pictures while we visited with Santa. She’s a natural!!  🙂

Mommy played with the editing tools on to get this fun picture…


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