Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Mercedes has been practicing all month getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!  She takes her Baby Jesus book to bed with her every night.  Baby Allison (Mercedes dolly) listens intently to the story every night before bed, as Mercedes reads her book aloud.  Daddy and I listen quietly through the monitor downstairs.

Christmas Day we baked a cake and then had a birthday party.

Mercedes ate mostly icing… but she loved it!

So much fun!!!


We are so blessed that our daughter knows Baby Jesus.

This past week, we were sitting in bed snuggling and Jim asked Mercedes if she knew where Jesus lived.

Daddy told her that Jesus lives in her heart.

Mercedes put her hand on her heart and said, “My Baby Jesus, My Heart, My Baby Jesus.”

It was the most precious thing a mother could ask for.  What a Christmas gift.

There are so many people who have nurtured this little girl and helped to raise her in Jesus Light.

Thank you!!  While I now she’s just two, but she knows who Jesus is because of you!!

This is what it’s all about!!  🙂  God is good!!


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