Gran’pa is the BEST

Gran’pa loves his grandkids and they love him!!

My dad is a teacher, both by trade & by heart.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my parents be grandparents.

Gran’pa is always thinking of new ways to entertain his grandkids.

This Christmas he even started building a village for them to play with.

He saves little trinkets from his cable pulling jobs, so they can be creative and build stuff.

When it’s too cold to ride bikes outside, he moves his car out of the garage
and turns on the heater so they can ride around in the garage.

He’s the first to volunteer to move seats at the restaurant, so the kids can sit together.

Gran’pa listens to their stories, even when they don’t make sense.

It hurts him to see them cry or get in trouble.

The kids will do anything for Gran’pa.

They’ll eat their dinner…

They’ll drink their milk…

They’ll lay still to get their diaper changed…

They’ll pick up their toys…

They’ll get in their car seat without screaming….

Gran’pa can work magic!!


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