To Use a Binki or To Leave the Binki

That is the question!

This is my little girl! She is full of spunk, smarts and sass.  Most of the time this little girl does not have a binki in her mouth, but yes, it’s still available for her.  To all the binki critics out there…

When was the last time you chewed a piece of gum? Or reached for a snack when you were bored, sad, or uncomfortable?  Everyone has a vice… this is hers.  She doesn’t use her binki at school.  She doesn’t use it if you give her another option. When she’s ready to give it up… she will… until then… leave her alone.

Now that we’ve discussed that subject… Here are a few fun pictures I took this past weekend… yes she has a binki in her mouth.  🙂


2 thoughts on “To Use a Binki or To Leave the Binki

  1. Way to put it Mom! That was how I felt about thumb sucking. You made a good point about how so many of us use gum, snacks, whatever! She needs her binki for comfort and someday will use it less and less. I just love this blog. Thanks again for keeping it up!
    Love you all!

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