My 365 photography project is names frozen feathers.  A few weeks ago, we went skiing.  I’ve recopied my explaination of Frozen Feathers to include pictures of some of my favorite frozen feathers from our ski trip.

The story behind Frozen Feathers is a long one…  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Take time to smell the roses.”   My Grandma used to tell me that on a regular basis.  It was her way of saying, slow down, notice the details!  We’d be standing at the top of Schoolmarm (A ski run at Keystone) and Grandma would stop and just stare.

When asked what she was waiting for, she’d say “Nothin’, just taking time to stop and smell the roses.”  Imagine the thoughts of a seven year old kid… “What roses??  There are no roses up here.  It’s freezing cold.  All I see is white.  What the heck?!?!”  Over time I grew to understand what Grandma meant by “Stopping to Smell the Roses.”

On a trip to Europe my senior year in college, a photography trip no less, I took LOTS of time to stop and smell the roses.  One of the roses I found was a frozen feather lying on a gravel path.  It blended into the gravel and was truly hard to see.  But there in the midst of that cold January day was a frozen feather.  Since then, I’ve modified my grandmother’s saying to “Take time to stop and see the frozen feathers.”

Frozen Feathers can be anything from a literal frozen feather to the mountains we are so blessed to have in Colorado.  Frozen Feathers can be the smile your child gives you first thing in the morning.  Frozen Feathers are the details in your life.

What are the frozen feathers in your life?!?!


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