Ski Trip 2011

31 years ago I learned how to ski.

Below is a picture of my Gran’pa & I skiing…

I was blessed with parents who spent the winter skiing.

Both sets of my grandparents spent their free time skiing in the mountains of Colorado.

Below is a picture of me skiing with my Gran’ma Franny.

Mercedes went skiing for the first time last year.

She was SOOO excited to go back this year.

The day we picked her up from school, she had been telling everyone…

“I go skiin’ at Keystone.”

“I go weeeeeeeeee, skiing, at Keystone.”

Mommy got her a new pair of goggles, new gloves, and we were set to go!

She had a great time skiing on the Bunny Hill.

“Tunnel run, Mommy.”

(the bunny hill had a tunnel over the “carpet” lift)

Below is a picture of Mercedes, Mommy, and Gran’pa.

Gran’pa and Aunt Carol took her down the bunny hill a few times before lunch on the second day.

She threw a fit coming inside. They left her skis on so she could get Mommy and Daddy.

She then promptly inhaled her PB&J, chips, and some apples and fell asleep.

She took a 2 hour nap on the table (in true ski bum style) while people from all the way up on the third floor of the mountain house trekked down to see “the ski bunny”.

It was such a fun weekend!!  🙂  Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


One thought on “Ski Trip 2011

  1. BOY! Mandy that looks like Mercedes in the first two pictures! Or should I say it looks like you in the newer pictures! 🙂 How fun to have the memories… Love you all!

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