Frozen Feathers Week 5

🙂 Just catchin' up.  🙂

Week 5’s themes…

Still Life: Food; Beauty; Words; Weather Outside


Day29 – Snow

I took this from my daughter’s bathroom window.
No flash.  No screen on the window.
Can you see the trail of rabbit footprints?

Day30 – Game Snacks
I bought a BIG bag of peanut butter M&M’s for the Super Bowl game.
Then I took out all the brown, green, and orange, leaving only Steeler’s colors!
I need to work on paying more attention to the backgrounds.
I don’t like that black corner.

Day31 – Girl’s Weekend
I learned that hotels are not all the interesting to take pictures.

Day32 – Trucks
While at a conference, I found these trees.
I learned you have to focus on the details of a hotel… rather than the whole picture.

Day33 – Too Many Words
My current book of choice.
Even though I’ve had my camera for a year…
I’m learning new things every time I pick up this book.

Day 34 – WORD!
This was the focus of the day… Steeler’s Super Bowl.
Today my husband reminded me, we don’t need to win…
We’ve already won!  We have Jesus!


Don’t forget to look around and

find the frozen feathers along your path!



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