High School T-shirts = QUILT!!!

Years ago I put all my High School T-shirts into a rubbermaid tub, hoping that one day I would sew them into a quilt.  Just before I got married, I actually cut them all into squares.  And then moved the rubbermaid tub into our condo, then into our house, then into the basement, then upstairs to the loft where I thought FINALLY I’ll get this project done.

That’s when my sister SAVE MY LIFE!!  🙂  She told me about this company she found that turns your t-shirts into a quilt.  It still took two years before I finally broke down and sent some of my most loved memories away to be made into a quilt.

It was the BEST birthday present I ever gave myself (thanks mom and dad for helping with that, by the way).

Now remember, I had already cut my shirts.  I sent them in just as they were.  It was SO easy!  Four weeks later, my quilt came in the mail.  Just in time for the coldest Colorado winter in a long time.  🙂

You get to choose the layout, the color of the backing, whether you want edging or not.  It’s the slickest system I know.  I’d like to say that I’m a quilter, although that is not the case.  I have however made 3 bardyard quilts and so a t-shirt quilt wouldn’t have been all that hard, but when you calculate the time, energy, shopping, piecing, fabric, and the MESS it would take to create one… Campus Quilts is one HECK of a deal!!  🙂

So the next time you’re looking to save some memories… remember Campus Quilts.  I’ve got a tub full of college shirts that are ready and waiting for the next birthday, Christmas, or just because present!  🙂




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