It’s getting warmer outside.  And Mercedes loves to be outside.  This is a side of her that is not related to me, as I am a hermit and prefer the couch and a book to the backyard and a ball.  However, I’m trying to be the Mommy God has called me to be, so I went to the hardware store a few weeks ago and got two bags of sand.  I dug one of the name rubbermaid containers we have out of the basement.  We went to Target and bought some sand toys and … WHOLAA…

A Sandbox!

It was an immediate hit!  We had to invite the “kids & boys” over to play with us.  She LOVES to go play in her sandbox.  She will even go out there and play while I’m in the kitchen doing dishes.  I LOVE IT!!



One thought on “Sandbox

  1. We have the same sandbox. $7.00 Walmart sterilite container with $2.50 of sand and some $5.00 sand toys….which I’m parchelling out to keep them interesting. I’m totally into the rubbermaid sandbox, they can’t get into it easily and it keeps the neighborhood cats out of it.

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