Ridin’ My Bike

A few weeks ago, I enlisted the help of some of my favorite people… our High School youth!  We had a MAJOR ice cream scooping party.  These guys rocked it out… scooped 20 gallons of ice cream in just over 40 minutes.  And the pastors for whom they scooped the ice cream LOVED it five nights later.

Alas, that is not the purpose of this post.  The purpose is to let you know that once again, my husband proves he’s the best Daddy in the world.  Since we were both going to be supervising the youth, Daddy brought Mercedes’ her bike to ride around the lower level of the church.  It was BRILLIANT!!  Not only was she havin’ a blast, but the kids watched out for her because her bike caught their eye.  🙂

She of course loved the attention.  Although I was surprised how spooked she was with all those big kids around.

Still it was a BRILLIANT plan!!


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