Easter Celebrations – Out of Her Mouth

Easter has come and gone,
but the memories are still very fresh in the mind of my two year old.

A little background before we start the Easter Celebrating report…

Mercedes goes to a wonderful Christian school two days a week!
She love going and they love having her come!
Jesus is talked about, taught and invited to be the center of circle time everyday!

We began our Easter Celebrations by talking about Palm Sunday.
Mercedes and Daddy talked about how the people shouted “JESUS!”
when He came into the city.
Mommy and Daddy were sick on Palm Sunday, but
Mercedes attended church with Gran’ma & Gran’pa.

The week progressed as usually until Wednesday night.
While rocking my sweet daughter before bed she began to tell me a story…

“Jesus, owies on his hands, Mommy.”
“On cross, Mommy, Jesus owies on hands.”
(imagine sad face here)

“Go to a cave.”
(imagine scared face here)

“Mary, crying, crying,”
(imagine dramatic tears here)

“Jesus all better!”
(imagine happy face here)

With that, what more could I do than say,
“Yes, Baby, Jesus had owies and is all better.”

Good Friday came and the Wilson’s went to church.
Tradition says that you enter Good Friday church in silence.
This is by far the HARDEST part of the Easter weekend for my family.

My daughter had a hard time with it as well.
She spent most of the evening singing “Jesus Loves Me”
How do you ask a child to stop singing “Jesus Loves Me”?????
Yeah, I couldn’t either!!

3 And he said:
“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children,
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 18:3 NIV


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