Easter Celebrations – Hunting Eggs

Easter Egg Hunting was a hit again this year!

She totally GOT IT!

It was so fun to watch her run around the yard.

As she found the eggs she put them back in the egg carton,

in the correct spot, mind you…

(the dripped dye was left in the bottom of the carton).

Aunt Carol did a great job hiding eggs.

Baby Girl had such a great time running around the yard finding the eggs.

So much fun to watch!

REACH!  TiP tOeS!  Higher!

After she found them all… she wanted then hidden again!

She hid her eyes and Aunt Carol hid the eggs again.

Gran’pa and Carol spent the next 20 minutes running after her hiding eggs as she found them.

It took a little bit for her to figure it out, but then it became a game.

Her giggles make me smile!

See her hoarding the eggs.

Such fun!

Gran’pa taking the eggs.  🙂

Now Gran’pa is hoarding them.  🙂

Jesus is RISEN!  AMEN!


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