Ice Cream in the Cool Car

So I hadn’t divulged the fact that Daddy got a new car.  But it’s imperative to know to understand the meaning behind this event.

Yes, Daddy got a new car.  Leather seats. Expensive. His dream.

It was his reward for working so hard… and the direct influence of his happy pills!  🙂

The car was custom made because there weren’t any for sale in the states.

This was a BIG DEAL!!  Daddy doesn’t spoil himself often.

Anyway, there was going to be a rule that there was no eating in Daddy’s car.

Let’s see we’ve had the car one month and we’ve already had Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell.

Well on the way home from the Rapids game this weekend we hit another milestone for the new car…


I don’t know which one I had more fun watching… Daddy or Mercedes.

Obviously, Mercedes, because I didn’t get any pictures of Dad.  🙂

Now, I know the pictures are blurry… but these are from my phone while driving on the highway.  :0)


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