Summer Trip to TN

Last week we spent some great FFB (Forced Family Bonding) time with Daddy’s side of the family.

Grandma & Papa found a cabin in the hills of Tennessee and invited us to come.

It was Baby Girl’s first airplane ride.  And she was EXCITED!

Remember we were gone for a week… eight days actually.

Mommy tried her best to pack light.

We actually used everything we took and I didn’t wish I had anything.

If you’re counting, we took four suitcases, one stroller, and one carseat.
Mercedes had her own suitcase full of toys.
There was a suitcase full of swim stuff & the blow up bed.
The third suitcase had all of Mommy’s toys.
And the big suitcase was filled with our clothes.
Not bad for a week.

Mercedes was an angel at the airport and on the airplane.

Mommy got some fun toys to keep her busy.

Whiteboard with markers… Chuggington Trains…

While waiting to take off… she LOVED watching SpongeBob on the TV. 🙂

Oh yeah… and the plane served cookies!

Traveling with Baby Girl couldn’t have been more fun!!


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