Fun Times in Gatlinburg

Before going into town to go shopping,
we spent some time fishin’ in the pond near the cabin.

Mercedes’ had a great time “fishin'”.

Gatlinburg is a tourists’ town on steroids!

There were shop galore.

More Mini-Golf establishments than you can imagine…
seriously, there was a new themed Mini-Golf park in between every five shops!

Oh, and chochkees everywhere!!

Let’s not forget the museums… the wild, the fun, the obscure.

Our personal favorite was the Cooter’s store with the Duke’s of Hazard Museum!

We found the cutest little square that was designed like a little German town.

It had some fun shops… Mommy LOVED that!

Some beautiful shade trees and benches for relaxin’… Daddy LOVED those!

And it had an old fashioned donut shop… Mercedes LOVED that!

Did I mention the little square was cute?!

I had a GREAT time taking pictures!


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