Christmas Hotel

My Mother-in-law LOVES Christmas Stores!

I LOVE Christmas stores!

We spent an entire morning in a GIGANTIC Christmas Store.

🙂 It was heaven!  🙂

Took this picture for my cousin… Life Sized (almost) Fontanini nativity.

(These were for sale… $22,000)

After lunch, I convienced Jim to take me across the street to visit the Christmas Hotel.

Yes, you read that correctly…


I went inside to take a picture or two and check it out.

While taking pictures, I net Debbie from the Decor department.

She told me about the themes that are on each floor of the hotel…

YES Themed decoration on each floor.

She then made all my dreams come true and asked if I wanted…



I went out to the car… told Jim to park…
Put Mercedes in in the backpack… and got our Christmas on!!

Each room had a wreath in it.

The two room suites each had TWO FULL SIZED decorated trees.

EVERY room had a fireplace with a decorated mantel.

I can’t decided if I want to take another trip to TN just to stay at the hotel…

OR just open up my own hotel here in Colorado.

How much fun would it be to work on the decoration team of a CHRISTMAS HOTEL?!?!


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