Go Karts!!

While in Tennessee we spent some time at a “fun park”.
Not really n amusement park, but more than just mini-golf.

Mercedes took her first Go Kart ride (among others).


She was a little apprehensive at first when Daddy buckled her in,
but then they got going and it was all smiles and giggles!!

Crazy girl, had a blast!!

Next they rode the bumper boats.

Again, apprehensive at first, then giggles and smiles!!

Next it was time fr some kiddie rides (much to Daddy’s disliking).

The kids all took a ride on the ferris wheel and the pirate boat.

The rest of the family went their separate ways and Mercedes was still at it.

First on her list…

The AIRPLANE of course!!

Not nearly as cool as the real thing, but cool enough!!

She got lots of rides in and then it was off to the Aquarium.

Yes, those rosy cheeks indicate it was HOTTER THAN (insert hot noun here)!

She was a trooper!  Late nights, short naps, and still a bundle of energy!


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