After the “fun park” and a short nap in the car,
we were at the aquarium to see the penguins!

Mercedes LOVED all the fishes… but couldn’t wait to see the penguins.

She was also tired of having her pictures taken… can you tell…

She was doing this cute face imitating the fish behind us,
who had their mouths open while they swam around.
But all of a sudden she was camera shy.

We’ve never been to the aquarium in our state,
so we have nothing to compare this one too.
As aquariums go, I’d imagine it was just like the rest.

They had a shark tunnel with a walk way underneath.
And we got to witness two feedings sessions,
One for the fish and one for the sting rays.

Then it was time for the PENGUINS!!

Mercedes was so excited!!
They had tunnels you could go through to get to a porthole.
She had a BLAST with that!!
Mommy & Daddy both “got” to go with her.

“”OmeEre Guys!!”
(translation… Come Here Guys!)

She loved seeing the penguins.
It was of course a lot of marketing for one exhibit.
Mommy thought it was kind of a let down, but Mercedes loved it.
And that’s all that really matters, right?!?!


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