Guitar with Auntie Carol

A few weekends ago we went over to “help” Aunt Carol clean out the attic at Gran’ma & Gran’pa’s.

Mercedes and Aunt Carol took a few breaks…

Aunt Carol had LOTS of treasures.

Mercedes enjoyed playing with them all.

Aunt Carol enjoyed the distraction.

Mercedes also enjoyed playing dress up in Aunt Carol’s clothes and shoes.

Guess that’s the next thing on the wish list of toys for her… DRESS UP!!

Among the treasures Mercedes could not part with was a doll we were given as children.

My doll is sitting on a shelf in Mercedes’ room.

She saw it one night and wanted to play with it…

I told her no, that the dolly was fragile and needed to stay put.

Mercedes found Carol’s doll and wanted to take it home… Aunt Carol is a softie!

So the doll got to come home.  She was THRILLED!!

Mercedes is a nurturing child, so naturally she wanted to change the doll’s diaper.

She asked Mommy to take off the doll’s clothes.


This is why the doll should stay on the shelf!

Mercedes tried to put the doll’s head back on… so did Mommy.

Eventually Daddy got it back on, but a week later… she was headless again.


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