Quiet Book

So I have been scrapbooking this summer.

I used to use an online website, but the shut down. I’m still bitter and sad and have unfinished projects. But I’m getting over it, as I have figured out how to use PhotoShop to create memories for Mercedes.

While I have figured out how to scrapbook, I have also found TONS of online stores that sell digital clip art, fonts, papers, etc.  There are many of these stores that have FREE stuff too.  🙂

One of these such stores (Lilypad.com)has a WONDERFUL artist (Jaque Larsen)who created this quiet book template.

Well, I spent some time last week and created a book for Mercedes.

The idea behind the book is to print the template as 4×6 pictures and slip them into a bragbook type photo album you can get at Target.

The template came with an option that allows you to insert your own pictures to go with the letters of the alphabet.

It’s the perfect size to put in my purse.  I’m hoping it will catch on and she will enjoy “reading” it, but who knows.

She LOVED the E is for Elmo page.

I had a great time putting it together.

Went all the way back to the day she was born and added pictures.

Mercedes loves to look at pictures of herself as a baby.

If nothing else it was a great trip down memory lane for me.

Although it was harder than I thought it would be to connect pictures to the ABCs.


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