Fairy Party

Early in the summer Mercedes got an invitation to a Fairy Garden Party.

She likes Tinkerbell, although we haven’t seen the movie.

The Fairy Party started out with filling necklaces with “fairy dust”.

Then we played some games in order to become a fairy.

I think she spent most of the party overwhelmed, but she had a good time.

LOTS of kids.  LOTS of mommies.  LOTS of new stuff to see and do.

To earn their fair headbands the girls had to practice “flying”.

Basically a game of Freeze dance.

My girl doesn’t like to freeze, let alone freeze from dancing.

Hard concept for a tiny fairy.  She loved the dancing though!

The headband lasted long enough for Dad to snap a picture.  🙂

Hats, Headbands, Sunglasses, Bows… Me no like them!

I loved all the colors.  I had a hard time being Mommy and not photographer.

That’s what Jim came for… to take pictures of his little Fairy Princess.

We went inside for snacks after everyone had become a fairy.

Jen (the host Fairy Mother) OUTDID herself!

The placemats were “grass”.

There were tiny ladybugs on the tables.

It was AMAZING!!

🙂 SO MUCH FUN!!  🙂

Thanks Jen for the invite!!


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