Happy Birthday, Papa George!!

Three years ago, I went into labor on November 6th.

The doctor told me to go home,

relax . . . YEAH RIGHT. . .

This baby wasn’t coming until the weekend.


By 7:30pm we were in the hospital . . .

and not going home without a baby.

November 6th is my Grandpa’s birthday.

Somewhere around 8:30pm (maybe later)

I realized that I was going to have a baby on my Grandpa’s birthday.

I made my mom call him to tell him the good news!

Then came the ephediral and Baby Girl took her sweet time!

She was born the next morning at 5:28am.

She missed sharing a birthday with one of the greatest men I know!

Maybe she didn’t want to take the spotlight. . .

Maybe she didn’t want to share. . .

Whatever the reason. . .

I’m so thankful she was born so close to Grandpa’s birthday!

You see my Grandpa bears many of the same qualities I hope for my daughter.

He is kind. . .

He is compassionate. . .

He is brilliant. . .
(seriously…he’s a Dr.)

He is creative. . .

He is genuine. . .

He is hardworking. . .

He is a storyteller. . .

He is a jokester. . .

He is Loyal!

I hope she follows in his footsteps!

Happy Birthday Papa George!
(A few days late)


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